Panerai PAM700 Replica

Swiss luxury Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 replica watches

Panerai LAB-ID replica is a summary of all of the brand’s research and development and is incorporated into a watch. Case structure, materials, the use of space-like techniques, the redefinition of friction and lubrication concepts, the number of jewelry reduced to what is common in quartz watches, innovative coating everywhere… On paper, the PAM700 can simply kill the idea of repairing the watch. Sounds promising. The main reason why the watch must be repaired is that the traditional movement relies on lubricant on the friction point. Yes, there is friction in the watch, and because the oil and grease will age, they need to be replaced, or it will cause wear and tear on the moving parts and shafts of the bridge and plate. Basically, Panerai gets rid of maintenance by avoiding the use of lubricants. Yeah, good, very interesting, but how?

To avoid the use of lubricants, Panerai introduced some new Bridges and plates on LAB-ID PAM700, which are made of low-friction composite materials integrated with tantal-based ceramics. This new generation of composite material is known for its high percentage of carbon, which minimizes pivot friction. If this means no additional lubricant is required, it does not mean that lubrication is no longer required. However, this is done directly through the material of the bridge and its inherent properties, not by the additional material that needs to be changed. This also means that jewelry for friction points is no longer needed. This is why the swiss Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watch has only four gems – two of which are located on either side of the balance shaft and are coated with DLC without the need to lubricate the Incabloc shockproof device.

Then, for its Panerai LAB-ID PAM700, the brand has also applied technology on the case and dial. The cheap Panerai replica watches 49-mm case is made of carbon fiber and is CARBOTECH — a composite material made of very thin carbon fiber sheets and special polymers compressed at controlled temperatures. This technique makes each situation different from all others, with unique patterns. Carbotech is light in weight and low in allergy. If the watch is still a big piece on the wrist (you can’t avoid the 49mm), it’s very light and comfortable to wear.

The final innovation involves the dial. To get the paint black, avoid reflection and maximize contrast,swiss luxury Panerai replica watches created a dial coated with carbon nanotubes. The result is really a crazy black dial with velvety finish and little light reflection. The contrast with the blue glowing pointer and pointer (the usual sandwich dial structure) is perfect. One possible benefit of investing in research is the anti-reflective coating on the crystal, since the light reflection on it actually destroys the effect of the black dial. On top of that, the nocturnal availability is impressive, and the glow is both bright and persistent.