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Super Copy Panerai Radiomir Venti “Paneristi” 45 mm PAM 2020

The Panerai Radiomir Venti “Paneristi” PAM02020 Replica outstanding copy watch, although it can’t help but remind you again and again why it exists.Beyond history, PAM 2020 is actually a tempting watch with several attractive features-and a major drawback.

The verdict of PAM 2020 is simple: it is attractive, with exquisite details, and the brown dial is particularly beautiful, but the six o’clock anniversary logo is not attractive. Fortunately, it’s not too obvious-won’t yell at you on your wrist-but it does exist, and it shouldn’t.

Regardless of the logo, Super Copy Panerai PAM 2020 is a beautiful watch with a particularly eye-catching dial finish. The metallic maroon is reminiscent of the old “tropical” dial, but compared with previous models, it is not a complete renovation.

Old-fashioned dials with bronze and excessive “tropical flair” have been popular for a long time, making them somewhat outdated. The PAM 2020 dial is inspired by retro, but it is obviously modern and avoid looking ordinary.

It uses a rich metallic brown and is enhanced with a prominent radial brush to capture the light just right. Surprisingly, the distressed Super-Luminova on the Replica Watches China dial and hands works well because it suits the dial color. With the gold-plated hands, the appearance is almost perfect.