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New Replica Panerai Luminor BiTempo PAM01360 and PAM01361

Traditionally all about vintage-inspired, “Marina Militare” dive replica watches, Panerai has recently been rolling out complications with a minimalist, contemporary execution, such as the recent Luminor pepertual calendar.

Sharing a similar aesthetic perhaps more practical – and certainly more affordable – is the new Panerai Luminor BiTempo PAM 1360 and PAM 1361 Replica, a GMT wristwatch with striking baby-blue accents on a blue or black dial.

Panerai managed that with the BiTempo, which manages to incorporate a date, second time zone, and power reserve indicator without hindering the recognisable Panerai Replica Watches aesthetic. In fact, the BiTempo could pass for a time-only Luminor from across a room.

That said, the second time zone isn’t a new complication for the brand – the movement is an existing calibre – so the novelty is mainly in the facelift that changes dial details like the enlarged date display and blue accents.

The Luxury Panerai Replica Watch has a 44 mm Luminor 1950 case with its trademark crown guard. The “sandwich” dial has the signature Luminor layout with oversized Arabic numerals at the quarters, but with additional indicators for the date, GMT, and power reserve indicator.

The dual time zone display is done as cleanly as possible thanks to the cal. P9012. The Replica Watches China movement has a 12-hour GMT hand for the second time zone instead of the usual 24-hour hand, which eliminates the need for an additional 24-hour scale. And the GMT hand can also be hidden under the local-time hand when not in use, further enhancing the minimalism of the dial.

That said, the 12-hour format for the second time zone means it’s not possible to discern day and night from the dial, so the wearer has to know that.

While the dial design is simple, the execution is slightly more elaborate than on Best Panerai Replica entry-level models. It has the two-piece, “sandwich” construction that reveals the hour markers through apertures in the dial.

Interestingly, the dial design departs slightly from the traditional Panerai dial with a printed minute scale, something that is traditional absent from Panerai dials.

Panerai Replica has several two time zone calibres in its stable, with the P.9012 in the BiTempo being one of the more upscale. Amongst other things, the P.9012 is powered by twin barrels that give it power reserve of three days.

Beyond its obvious features, the 1:1 Replica Watches P.9012 also has a zero-reset, hack seconds – the seconds hand halts and instantaneously flies back to 12 o’clock when the crown is pulled to set the time, a useful feature rarely found in watches in this price range.

The movement is visible through the display back and has the typical Cheap Panerai Replica aesthetic of an almost monochromatic, industrial finish of matte, brushed bridges.