Fake Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watches – Pure Concentrate of Technology

Panerai lab-id is a summary of all the research and development done on the brand and incorporated into a watch. Case construction, the use of materials and space technology, redefining the concept of friction and lubrication, reducing the number of common jewelry in quartz watches, and innovating coatings everywhere… On paper, the PAM700 simply kills the idea of a service watch. That sounds promising. The main reason that the watch must be repaired is that the traditional machine core depends on the lubricating oil on the friction point. Yes, there is friction in the watch. As the oil and grease will age, it needs to be replaced, otherwise it will cause wear and tear on the moving parts and shafts of Bridges and plates. Basically, Panerai replica watch gets rid of maintenance by avoiding the need for lubricants. Yeah, good, interesting, but what?

To avoid lubricants, Panerai introduced some new Bridges and steel plates on the LAB-ID PAM700, which are made of low-friction composite materials and are integrated with tantal-based ceramics. This new generation of composite material is known for its high percentage of carbon, thus minimizing pivot friction. If this means no additional lubricant is required, it does not mean no lubrication is required. However, this is done directly by the material of the bridge and its inherent properties, rather than by the additional material that needs to be changed. This also means that jewelry used for friction points is no longer needed. This is why the fake Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watch has only four gems – two of which are painted with DLC on each side of the pendulum shaft to avoid the need to lubricate the Incabloc shock absorber.

Then, the escapement mechanism is the most critical part of the watch, because it’s one of the biggest efforts (here it swings three times per second). There’s no lubricating oil. The escapement wheel is silicon coated with DLC, and all other parts of the regulator are also made of silicon. Finally, the two spring-loaded barrels have multiple layers of coating, and the top one is DLC (diamond-like carbon), which is dry lubricated. All this created a Panerai Replica Swiss Movement on paper that did not need to be opened because there was no need to change the oil. Since it is a 3-day power store, the basic action is known, manually winding p.3001. As a non-traditional sport, do not expect manual decoration on Bridges and plates, while wheels and moving parts are traditional decorations.

For its cheap Panerai LAB-ID PAM700 watches, the brand has also applied technology to its case and dial. The 49mm case is made of carbon fiber and is made with CARBOTECH technology – a composite material made of very thin sheets of carbon fiber and special polymers pressed at controlled temperatures. This technique makes each case different from all others and has a unique pattern. Carbotech is light in quality, low in allergy and corrosion resistance. If the watch is still a large piece of wrist (it can’t avoid 49mm), it will be incredibly light and comfortable.

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