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Th diving device, which was not magnetized for 3 days in 1950, brought some neat updates to 389 without affecting the original overall execution or design intent. But unless you’re a sly stallone or a Penelope, this might not be a good thing. Technically, 389 is not only its debut at the time, but also because it is in the Luminor model shows the brand’s first ceramic bezel (notice how ceramic itself is the cooling of the hour mark embedded in it), and it is this is the first production Panerai Antimagnetic relpica watch. This is a rather handsome appearance – introducing a modern industrial diving watch, with a simple and integrated aesthetic that defines the design language of the Panerai for 60 years.

Many of these features were repeated in 1389, which is largely an update to the existing reference literature, rather than a new reference. Like the original, 1389 use titanium metal shell, and equipped with iron dial and a soft iron Faraday cage, its movement in the lower part, make it not influenced by many modern risk of mechanical watches. Hell, it’s even like the previous band – fake Panerai’s excellent 26 x 22 mm rubber diving watch strap, which looks as if it’s been designed for this purpose.

Otherwise, nothing has changed since 2014. Hour index application become more sharp, now running at 9 in the small second hand now becomes a pleasant shades of blue, and the bright application of pointer and index is now a two-way, tonal – minute hand hair blue to match the baffle, and all other tags emit green light. But most notably, the new 1389 adopted the latest automatic Panerai replica swiss  movement: P. 9010, a forerunner of their internal manufacturing (P. 9000) have the same double tube power reserve three days, but now added a can be independently adjusted clockwise – this feature are becoming increasingly common in many modern Panerai models, and provides the convenience for frequent pilots.

One thing that hasn’t changed between 389 and 1389 is that it’s still a very large 47-millimeter watch. Yes, it’s a lot lighter than the stainless steel 47mm PAM00372, but the weight loss has little effect on the visual presence of the watch, so it threatens most of the angles. Now, as with most fake Panerai watch models, the size of the 1389 body is larger, and the overall size of the conservative locomotive is comparable to the size of the locomotive. But none of these fixes were enough to overcome the wear and tear on everyone except those who never skipped “arm day”.

That is to say, if you like the 1389 undeniably calm aesthetic feeling, so there will always be more traditional size 42 mm PAM682, but you missed the antimagnetic function and ceramic bezel, and dial the double capacity in kneading a plate. In addition to the joke, it is clear that the rest of the industry has been responding to smaller sizes –43 millimeters appears to be the new 42, lower than the 45 and 47 mm watches that once dominated the swiss Panerai replica watch modern series. That’s why another 47mm watch in 2017 actually feels a bit outdated – despite its undeniable cool and classic aesthetics. Although fashion has arrived, but many stubborn Paneristi there is still no any other way – this may be why brands continue to flag as the decade large watch one of the last stick to tide.

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Luxury Panerai Replica Watches

Luxury Panerai Replica Watches

June 14, 2017, Panerai in Beijing Yintai Center held a new preview activities, mainly to bring the Panerai in January during the SIHH launched a new product, for many did not go to the SIHH site friends, This is a rare experience. This year’s Panerai new products, mainly divided into four parts, namely the diving table, the special section of the regatta, classical engraved models and new material watches, and let me feel the most profound, there are two points, The trend of the sea watch in the thin, which makes a lot of Asian men can find the table can be on the hands; secondly, Panerai new use of more than the design, more vibrant than ever before. Here, take a look at Panerai this year, the specific experience of new products.

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This year’s new product, there are two tables have been controversial, but in the hands of the moment, and completely unexpected, this is the Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio watch, model PAM00687 and PAM00685. The controversy is that this is the first time in Panerai use the lettering of the 12-sided bezel, which produced a lot of jokes, such as flattened screws, Panerai out of a Bulgari and so on. But in the hands of the moment, it’s these rumors have been excellent wrist on the performance of the break. Watch 47 mm large diameter, provides a “sandwich” dial open field of vision, large scale clear and eye-catching, the overall color is full of classical beauty. Bezel “OFFICINE PANERAI BREVETTATO” words, meaning “Panerai patent”, when Panerai for their own radium luminous materials for a patent, and in the subsequent decay process, luminous coating began to change color, PAM00687 watch It is this process as a design blueprint, produced a new gradient brown dial, to pay tribute to this patent. Two watches are used welding linear ear, has been pillow case, and a large crown, two-pin design, equipped with P.3000 manual movement, three days of power, according to the hour for the unit to adjust the time, Both tables are limited to 1000 pieces. It is understood that the current brown disk section has been out of the very tight state, Beijing, Shanghai, a table hard to find.

671 is Panerai this year out of a bronze watch case, is also the Panerai third bronze table. In the past two years, the bronze watch has become a major trend of men’s senior watch, which has a contribution to Panerai, 2012, Panerai first launched bronze watch 382, ​​was regarded as a god table, Although Panerai is not the first to do the bronze watch brand, but it is the first bronze watch to do the senior watch brand, Panerai sea with 382 crazy circle powder, and soon 382 will be hot to a terrorist Price height. In 2013, Panerai launched the second bronze 507, after a lapse of four years, Panerai brought the third bronze, the first equipped with sea blue dial, military wind awe-inspiring. Dial pointer and scale are done retro treatment, the use of bronze consistent tone, with a sailing style suture leather strap, watches built-in P.9010 automatic movement, watch limited to 1000.

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Panama LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 BMG-TECH ™ watch, model PAM00692, this is a new work from the Panerai “LABORATORIO DI IDEE” (creative workshop) in the new work, I just did not even notice, This is a piece of innovative materials, until you see the dial at 6 o’clock position blue “BMG-TECH” word mark, only to understand the hands of what I want to find out the “mysterious” material watch The BMG-TECH ™ is translated as a metallic glass, meaning a large non-crystalline alloy, which is unique in the use of a special alloy (zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel), in the high temperature environment Under the high-pressure injection molding and rapid cooling, so that metal atoms can not form crystals, so compared to conventional metal, its atomic structure is disordered, so as to achieve a high degree of corrosion resistance and impact resistance characteristics. After personal experience, this watch only on the appearance and stainless steel case is very similar to the weight is almost, only 6 o’clock a line to tell you it’s special, so be careful to see.

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In addition, the other four conventional version, respectively, PAM00684, PAM00682 and PAM01305, PAM01389.684 is a red gold case ceramic bezel diving table, 682 is the steel case version, and 1305 and 1389, is the previous generation of products 305 and 389 upgrade version, at present, Panerai is gradually upgrading some models to Panerai completely developed P.9010 movement to replace the previous generation P.9000 movement, they have the same function, but the 9010 movement Thinner, so you can reduce the overall thickness of the watch, so watch more convenient to wear, and equipped with a new movement of the watch, will be in the previous generation models, plus the number “1” to show different.

In this new preview, the Panerai brought five watch and the yacht race, at present, Panerai sea sponsor two famous sailing events, one is the America’s Cup regatta, one is the classical sailing Challenge. As the official partner of the 35th America’s Cup, Panerai launched a special sailing regatta during the SIHH, including a commemorative chronograph watch for the America’s Cup and sponsored by Panerai Defending champion US Oracle team, Japan’s Softbank team launched the watch. In addition, to pay tribute to the classic sailing challenge, Panerai in April launched three new watch, this time together.