Panerai Mare Nostrum 42mm PAM00716 replica watches Hands-On

Mare Nostrum, Latin for “our sea.” This is a term that always brings to mind the rare and exclusive patterns of panahai collectors. In fact, the chronometer was invented in the early days of Florentine manufacture, and a very rare chronometer has become a legend. Based on this concept, and then a small amount of available literature, Panerai for the first time in 1993 for the Mare Nostrum timing clock from the editor (Ref.5218-301), it’s the first time Panerai replica watches for civilian use – has become a landmark watches. For 2017, the watch will return in a faithful (but rare) tribute to Panerai Mare Nostrum 42mm PAM00716.

This may sound silly, but wearables are the main focus of collectors – stupid? …… Maybe not. New fake Panerai Mare Nostrum PAM00716 almost is small (by the standards of the pei na sea), with the 1993 version are almost identical – so not loyal to the original model in 1943, in 1993, however, version has become its own sign. As a result, we see the 42 mm Acciaio watchcase (stainless steel) returns, it has the same shape, same surface (polished edge, round brush flat surface), table ear on the same screw, it is important to take calibration speed meter circle of the same table In km, increased from 280 km/h to 55 km/h. The same goes for a crown and a button.

Once again, the dial finds the distinction between the 2017 Panerai Mare Nostrum 42mm PAM00716 replica watches and its 1993 pre-vendome Panerai Mare Nostrum 5218-301, an “unusual game”. In fact, has a dark blue attune on the dial, the surface has the feeling of particles, the pointer to the same blue, shallow cream-colored paint, same is 12 and 6 indicators, the minutes and hours the trajectory of the same, the same counter, with the same tag, the same inscription. Give in to modernity and luxury: the strap is now a dark blue crocodile leather strap.

The similarities do not stop there. The new swiss movement Panerai replica watches Mare Nostrum 42mm PAM00716 is even the same as the 1993 model, which means the OP XXXIII calibre is created and personalized by Panerai with the Dubois- Depraz chronometer module on the ETA 2801-2 basis. This is a 42-hour power reserve manual on – chain machine core, is COSC certified precision chronometer. Even if this box is praise for the 1993 model, because of the special edition comes with a 1993 Italian navy destroyer Luigi Durand De La Penne model, just like at the early stage of the prosperous doms.

Panerai’s First Moon-Phase Watch – Cheap Copy Watches Shop

For example, it is known for its classic Luminor and Radiomir series of variations, Panerai in some cases very complex and extremely limited timepieces, involving the brand’s Carillon Tourbillon Minute Repeater GMT. However, one of the most complex factors that the Florence brand has never produced is the moon. This year, with L ‘Astronomo the launch of the SIHH 2018 introduced during this week. And, in its unique Swiss movement Panerai replica watches style, the moon is not what it can offer. Not by a long lens.

The watch full name is L ‘Astonomo – Luminor 1950 tourbillon GMT – 50 mm – the moon equation is not only the Panerai replica watches, equipped with the moon showed in the first paragraph of the article is also equipped with brand patent the tourbillon regulator, GMT function and the creative date display using polarization crystals. It was launched in 2010, called L ‘Astronomo 1 meter, it combines the tourbillon, calendar, formula, according to the instructions and sunrise/sunset and as this new model, designed to express the Galileo galilei.

Include in L ‘Astronomo all have joined the new functions of the original, plus Greenwich mean time, the moon and the date of the new system, all functions are driven by hollow out movement, Panerai of p. 2005 / GLS (or on behalf of Galileo, luna Scheletrato). Like its predecessor, the L ‘Astronomo just custom products, which means that swiss movement Panerai replica watches is designed to ensure that the moon show is always associated with owner location on the sky.

First is the new moon, namely, phases of the moon, it is different from we’ve seen any real – is located on the back of movement, contains an indicator, day and night and is composed of two overlapping disc, the disc rotate together with each other. The disk above is read by a small external index fixed to the core – showing 24 hours of the day, the sun during the day and the starry night sky at night. Late. Star field is the center of a circular aperture, through the aperture, can see a photo realistic the footwall of the moon, about 6.1 ° phase changed slightly, matching the exact duration of a lunar cycle, or with an average 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds. In layman’s terms, all this adds up to a one-month period showing that 122 years did not need to be adjusted.

As noted above, the movement of each watch is tailored to the owner’s family coordinates, even taking into account differences between the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres. The sunrise and sunset time indicators are connected to the local time zone and continue to display them accurately when the owner walks out of his home time zone (GMT). According to the time of the year, Panerai linear equation at 6 o ‘clock time indicator shows the actual time (the time) and the difference between regular time each day, time can range between plus or minus 15 minutes. Of course, all these lunar and astronomical functions can be traced back to the pioneering genius of Galileo’s Panerai replica reviews, a product of Florence, Italy.